Monday, 28 March 2016

Everday makeup Look- Spring edition

As much as I love wearing a full face of makeup and going all out, I like to have my everyday makeup as something quick and simple with minimal amount of products. Something I can throw on in a rush and know it still looks okay (I Hope).  For my face makeup I like to keep it quite dewy looking for the spring and on my eyes something quite natural with pink undertones through the crease and a bit of shimmer on the lid.

For my face :

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation- I use this in the shade 'rose pearl', I find this foundation gives my complexion an allover flawless look and it doesn't feel cakey at all. I get mine from boots for £10.99 which I think is a great price.

Bare minerals stroke of light eye brightener – I use this concealer in the shade 'luminous 2' and I find it does a great job of brightening my under eyes without making them too pale in comparison to my face, The price of this is £22 which is more on the pricey side but I think it does a great job.

Rimmel blusher - I use this blusher in the shade ' pink rose ', this gives my cheeky a really natural flush of colour to them without the pink being too in your face, I get this from boots for £3.99 i think it is great for the price.

Live love contour book- This is from Bhs new makeup range, I find the contour shades work really well for my skin type and don't look muddy which most can, I also find they blend in really nicely. I couldn't find a link or a price as it was gifted to me for Christmas and they don't have a website yet.

Live love highlighter- This is also from Bhs new makeup range, I really like the way this highlighter looks on my cheekbones, it's lovely to blend in and feels really nice on the skin. As with the contour book it was gifted to me for Christmas.
For my eyes:

 Urban Decay naked 3 pallete-  I like to use the shades' nooner' and' limit' through my crease and the shade 'liar' on my lid, I find these 3 shades combine with each other well and make a pretty eyeshadow look for everyday. I brought this from Urban decay in Debenhams for £38.50 which is a bargain for the quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows.

Freedom brow pomade- I use mine in the shade 'blonde' with matches my natural hair colour really well, this products defines and fills in my eyebrows really well, I use a precise small angled liner brush to apply it with, I find it really easy to use and for £5.00 from Superdrug i think you can't go wrong.
Essence make me brow – I use mine in the shade 'blondey brows' I find this works really well at setting my eyebrows into place and it has little fibres in it to make your eyebrows appear fuller than they naturally are, For £2.50 from wilkos it is an absolute bargain and works better than most I've previously tried.
W7 Lashtastic- This mascara has become a new favourite of mine and really works at separating my eyelashes and making them appear thicker. I use mine in the shade black and it is priced at £4.95 which is really inexpensive.

What products do you use everyday?
I'm always looking to find new products to try, If you have any suggestions please leave them on my Instagram which is 'Williams_tashax '

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