Saturday, 12 March 2016

pamper routine

Anyone who knows
me would know that I love to sit back and relax with my feet up on the sofa watching trash television and eating junk food. At least once a week I try to make sure I take the time to relax and give myself and my skin that extra bit of love, that is often forgotten about during the week when I'm busy with school.

I'm going to tell you a few ways I find help me to sleep better and just de stress, Up until about a year ago I never realised how important it actually is to make sure you take the time to just detach from social media and take some time by yourself doing things which you enjoy.

First thing I like to do on my pamper evening is remove all my makeup thoroughly and do my night time skincare routine, I then like to put on a facemask at least once a week, I find they really help my skin to get all the impurities out and try to prevent blemishes appearing, it also helps to fight the spots which I already have.

I then like to run myself a hot bubble bath and most often than not I put a lush product in my bath, I also have been loving using the radox shower cream in the scent sleep easy, I find this creates a large amount of bubbles and the scent of lavender is very relaxing especially when I've had a long day.

I like to have a hot fruit tea, I just find this really relaxing when watching Netflix, which is something I like to do on my pamper night. I then just like to spend the night watching television with my family or scrolling through Instagram, I take this time too catch up with any YouTube videos in my subscription box and read through blogs.

Hope you enjoyed this post, its important to have time to yourself, doing what makes you happy.

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