Saturday, 19 March 2016

Review of Jamberry Nails

This is the first product review I've done and I want to start by saying that I wouldn't write a blog post about this product if I didn't actually like the product and the brand.

Jamberry nails is a US company which Specifies in nail wraps**, they are launching in the UK on April 5th  and I was very surprised when I got an email contacting me asking if they could send me a sample to try. Of course I was excited about this so for a few days me and Laura was emailing back and forth asking about the company and what they are about.

I tried them on straight away and they have lasted on my nails for 4 days without chipping and they are very simple to use, they have a large variety of patterns and colours and are cheap in price, overall I think they are great value for money and the customer service of the brand is amazing. I think they are quick and easy and a great alternative for someone who loves the designs of false nails without the hassle and the expense.

Thank you for reading x

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