Sunday, 10 April 2016

Fancied a change!

For months I have been debating if I should cut my hair short of keep it long, and last week I finally
cut it, I find it now is so much easier to style and is a lot more manageable, its safe to say I love it!! The only downside to my short hair is im not able to just stick it up to get it out of my face, it takes a lot of patience and bobby pins.

Another chance that i have decided to make is the layout and design of my blog, I've been scrolling through etsy and looking at different designs for the past month or so, as much as the designs on blogger are lovely and still look very nice, I wanted to make my blog more personal to me. I found a lovely lady on etsy who transformed my blog into exactly what i wanted!! 

I hope you all enjoy the new look to my blog, What changes have you made this month so far?

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