Thursday, 12 May 2016

Updated Skincare Routine!

Since my last skincare post my routine has changed and I have discovered a range of new products which have become my new favourites and been doing a good job of keeping my skin looking clear.

To take my makeup of I use the Garnier Micellar water on a cotton pad to remove my makeup before cleansing my face, I find this works really well at removing my waterproof mascara and making my skin feel soft.
I then like to go in with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish to get any extra makeup off my face  and helps to make my skin feel soft and ever since I started using this cleanser daily I have had less breakouts and when I do get one it helps to reduce the redness.
After I have cleansed my skin I like to go on with my Tea tree toner water by lush I find this works really well to remove any last traces of the makeup or the cleanser on my skin, I also find that this works really well at refreshing my skin. This works really well for spot prone skin as tea tree is an antibacterial so it helps to keep bacteria away.
I have two moisturizers  which i like to use, in the morning I find the Amie Matte moisturiser  works really well at hydrating and softening my skin, another thing I love about this brands products are that they are vegan and don't test on animals. 
In the evening I like to use the Nivea night cream I really like that this moisturiser is thicker in consistency and is very good at adding a lot of moisture back into my skin which is stripped when cleansing and toning.
Twice a week I like to use the st ives apricot scrub, I find this works really well at getting rid of my dead skin on my face and I like to use this as a two in one mask and scrub by leaving a thick layer on my skin, then I like to massage it off with Luke warm water.

I hope you enjoy reading,
Whats your skincare routine?

Natasha x

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