Saturday, 18 June 2016

Review on seventeen products!!

Hello everyone,

I thought for today's post I would do a review on seventeens eyebrow kit and lipgloss kit, seventeen is a brand  which is found in boots and which I have always loved and found myself reaching for, I think there items are high quality for the price that you pay and I think they definitely deserve more hype around there products. As always all my opinions are my own and are truthful.

I find this kit to be a really good dupe for the benefit brow zings , without the £18.51 extra in price, the first time I used this product I expected it to not have that much pigmentation so I went quite heavy handed with the powder and wax and lets just say it didn't end well ( marker pen eyebrows almost ). 

 After that disaster I decided I needed to use a lighter hand and be careful with the amount I applied, I think the shade really suits my eyebrows well because it matches my natural hair colouring well.

The consistency of the powder is quite creamy and doesn't have a lot of fallout which I like, The wax is really pigmented and is really nice to set my eyebrows with whilst not giving that over crunchy affect, I also like that it is a coloured wax as it adds that little bit of colour to any sparse areas.

Overall I really like this kit, and I think it is one of my new favourites as I like how I can create my desired look, whether it's a more natural brow or a bold brow, I think this product is amazing for the price.

I find this kit to be very handy to put in your bag for top up's during the day, I really like the variety of colours which you get in this.

I think the pigmentation of these glosses are amazing and I like the fact there is an option of more bolder and darker lips, or a glossy nude lip or even a sparkly lip, I feel there is a colour in this kit for everyone.

These lip glosses are long lasting, highly pigmented and have a really long lasting wear to them which I really like , they feel very hydrating and creamy on the lips and are really wearable.

Overall I really like this kit, and I think it's amazing for the price, and I like how there is shades for a daytime or a nighttime look which most kits don't have all in one.

I hope this helps you in some way,

Have you tried any seventeen products? If so what was your opinion on them.

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