Friday, 29 July 2016

Find out what I keep in my bag!!

Hello everyone,

I want to start by saying I'm sorry I didn't post at all last week I was away for a week in suffolk with no internet to upload any blog posts, however I did take lots of pictures so expect a blog post all about it soon!

In this post I'm going to talk you through the items that I keep in my bag and carry around with me. Recently I have been loving using this gorgeous nude coloured bag with gold detailing on it, I purchased this from primark and it was £12 which is an absolute bargain! I find that it is a great size for everyday use and it fits a lot of items in without it being a squeeze.

Contents of my bag :

Macbook - I like to carry this round with me if I'm going out for awhile as I use it to edit a video  on the go or plan out some new blog posts.

Notebook - I always carry a notebook so that if I get any blog inspiration on the go I can make note of it.

Purse - I always keep this with me incase I need some money for anything.

A book -  I like to carry a book as a distraction technique for if I feel anxious when I'm out and about, the book I'm currently reading is sleepless in Manhattan.

Reading glasses - I carry these for if I need to read or if I'm staring at screens for a long period of time otherwise I will get a headache (Which reminds me I should be wearing them right now!)

Handgel - You never know when you're going to need this, so always best to carry it.

Phone - I use this to check my social medias and I like to catch up with all my favourite blogs whilst I'm in the car.

Phone charger - This is an absolute must for me as my phone likes to die ALL the time.

Variety of snacks - Being gluten free I sometimes find it a struggle to find places to eat so I carry snacks so that if I'm hungry I know i've got them to eat if I can't find any food.

Sunglasses - Living in england the sun likes to appear every now and then so by keeping my sunglasses in my bag it means I'm prepared.

Water bottle - I always keep a bottle of juice in my bag for if I'm thirsty when I'm out and about because you've got to stay hydrated.

Mini perfume - I always keep a mini size of my favourite perfume in my bag so that I can top up throughout the day.

Headphones - I like to keep a pair of my apple earphones in my bag for if I want to listen to some music or a youtube video whilst I'm out and about.

Rescue Remedy spray -  This is a spray infused with flower oils which helps you calm down in an anxious situation,  I like to take this with me for if I'm in a crowded place or if I'm catching a bus, I just find it help to put myself at ease.

Inhaler - I have exercised induced asthma but I sometimes find it hot stuffy places I get short of breathe, so I like to carry this at all times just incase.

Keys - I just keep these so I can get back into my house if my family is out.

Tissues - Im usually that annoying person who never carries tissues but always needs them so I decided to put a pack in my bag just incase.

Lipstick - Whatever lipstick I am wearing that day I like to put in my bag so that I can top up throughout the day.

Lip balm - My lips are always dry so I like to keep a lip balm with me so I can keep my lips hydrated.

Pen & Highlighter - I keep these with me so I can write any ideas down in my notebook.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what I keep in my bag and ill see you on monday with my next post.

Q- What are your handbag essentials?

Tasha xox

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