Friday, 8 July 2016

First impressions - Maybelline The falsies push up drama mascara!!

Hello everyone ,

For today's post I thought i'd do a first impressions review on this mascara which I picked up the other day when I went shopping .


First I want to start by saying how much I love the packaging of this mascara, I find it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is at the price of £7.99 from boots or super drug.
It's wand has cup- shaped bristles which helps to lift and thicken the lashes giving the illusion of false eyelashes.
I find this mascara very lengthening and
and it has styling wax in it which helps to keep your lashes uplifted throughout the whole day.
I find it lasts all day and night which is always a bonus.
I have straight long eyelashes which don't hold a curl at all so this product leaves them curled throughout the whole day.


It's a wet formula at first so can go clumpy at first , so you do have to be careful how much you apply.
I find the formula of the mascara takes forever to dry so it smudges quite a lot.
It isn't waterproof but I find it very hard to get it all off at the end of the day even with waterproof eye makeup remover.

Overall this product has both pros and cons to it but I think it is a good product for the price you do however have to be careful how much and how you apply this. However when I run out of this product I don't think I will be re purchasing just because I do prefer some other drugstore mascaras over this one.

If I was to rate this product out of 10 I would give it 6.

Q- Have you tried this mascara? If so what's your opinion on it?

Tasha xox
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