Monday, 4 July 2016

June beauty favourites!

For today's post I thought I would tell you all of the beauty favourites I had throughout the month of June,  I thought I would quickly add that I have started my youtube channel now and I will leave a link so you can check it out if you wish too. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and feel free to subscribe if you like what you see.

Lets get onto the favourites ...

Mac "Velvet teddy" lipstick - This is one of Mac's most popular shades and is ALWAYS sold out!! But it is a lovely deep toned beige lipstick in a matte formula, I have been loving this for it's long lasting power as I'm one of those people that hates reapplying lipstick throughout the day. I have also been loving this because its non- drying which is rare because a lot of matte lipsticks dry my lips out completely but this doesn't. For £15.50 I can't rave about this product enough, I would 100% recommend to anyone who hasn't tried it.

Bare minerals marvellous moxie lipgloss, "Total pro" - I have absolutely been loving wearing this lipgloss paired with velvet teddy as they are very similar toned shades and they both stay on the lips for a large period of time. I really like the formula of this product as it's not got that sticky feel to it and it's not too thick either. My only problem with this is that it was limited addition so I can't find the original price.

Miss sporty perfect stay concealer , "Medium" - Throughout the month of June I really got into cream contouring as I found it worked really well and looked more natural on me which I really liked, It's quite a thin consistency and although at first it looks quite orange in the tube it works like a dream and I'm so fair. It's £3.00 at superdrug which is an absolute bargain.

Barry M coconut infusion nail polish , " Aloha" - I have been absolutely loving wearing this colour on my nails, I feel this shade is very nice for the summer time, I find the formula really nice and glossy as it's not too thick and it applies really smoothly. I also love the brush for this as it's not too small so it coats all the nail in just one stroke. It's £4.99 and comes in a wide variety of shades. I will definitely be purchasing some of the other shades.

Zoella Blissful Mistful spray - I have been loving wearing this throughout the month of June, I find the fragrance to be really nice and not too overpowering . But it smells quite fruity and I find it very light and wearable. It's £8.00 from superdrug and it's zoe's first fragrance which she brought out.

Hope you enjoyed this post,

Q- What were your favourites throughout the month of June?

Tasha x
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