Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A thank you to you all! - Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!

The other day I was looking on my account to see we hit 3,000 page views, I wanted to give something back to you to say thank you for reading my blog and giving me amazing feedback and just being lovely people .

Im not sure what i'm going to be giving away to a lucky winner yet but i'd like to know what you would like to win... so please  tweet me on twitter or comment on my recent instagram picture letting me know what you would like.

Giveaway rules:

1. Be following me on twitter and instagram! ( twitter @natasha92638177 ) (instagram - tashalouise921)

2. Tell me what you would like to win and why!

3. Have me on snapchat ( tasha_louise16)

The giveaway ends a week today so wednesday the 24th august.

I will then two most popular requests and do a poll on twitter and the product with highest amount of votes I will buy and send to one of you.

Tasha xox

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