Monday, 1 August 2016

July favourites!

Hello all,

I actually can't believe we're now in the month of August, this year has flown by and I'm so excited to share the products I have been loving with you.

Real techniques miracle complexion sponge - This is a re- discovered favourite of mine, I find this works wonders at blending my foundation and concealer in as it doesn't leave any brush strokes or lines. I love the finish that this gives my makeup as it makes my foundation look flawless on my skin. This product is £5.99 from boots or superdrug.

Primark Jumpsuit - I found this in my local primary as a return from the london store, as soon as my sister found this for me I fell in love with the pattern and the appearance of it. The material is so soft and it fits my figure perfectly. This is 3/4 length and is bootcut towards the end of the leg which I like. I have found myself reaching for it in my wardrobe an awful lot. It was £12 which I think is an absolute bargain.

Avon lipstick 'Lacy mauve' - This is a gorgeous shade of lipstick and I have found it compliments my skin tone lovely, I have also found it to be really long lasting and it's been in my handbag all month as it's a great colour to just throw on and goes with any makeup look I have worn. It was £5

Nature love 'Lemongrass' deodorant - I find shopping for deodorant really hard as they all seem to leave white transfer on all my clothes so I decided to try this one and I absolutely love it, not only is it clear so no white marks occur, the scent of lemongrass is really lovely and not too overpowering. I picked this up from TX MAXX for £4.

Rimmel  10x Volume flash mascara ' brown' -  For day's when i've been preferring natural makeup this is perfect, it separates my eyelashes and doesn't clump, it adds so much length and volume to them. I also find this is a great mascara for layering as it doesn't clump if you put another over the top. I picked this up on amazon for £4.65

The last thing I have loved is actually a new hobby that I have found, that is youtube. For about a month now I have been filming, editing and uploading videos on my channel, (feel free to subscribe if you haven't already) I have been absolutely loving the whole process of filming and editing and it's been such a big confidence booster for me. As you would already know I have a passion for makeup and beauty so by doing youtube it's given me another platform where I can share and talk about what I love.

I hope you enjoyed this post about what i've been loving in the month of July.

Q- what products have you loved in July?

Tasha xox

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