Friday, 19 August 2016

Scrub love** - is it worth the hype?

Hello everyone

For today's post I wanted to share my review on a scrub I kindly got sent to try, I just want to start with a little disclaimer saying that all opinions are my own and the fact it was sent to me doesn't change my opinion.

A little bit of background information on the company :

 Their scrubs are 100% natural using organic ingredients, In the peppermint scrub it contains Roast organic coffee , Peppermint oil , Tea tree oil, Dead sea salt, Argan oil and lastly Aloe vera.

 My review:

 I was abit sceptical when I received this product and didn't expect much from it, this was mainly because I've never found a scrub which works for my skin and doesn't break me out. This retails at 12.95 plus shipping and you can purchase from their website.  When  I first tried this product I put too much on and it was a peppermint overload... lets just say it stung.

 After using this product a few times I can honestly say this is a great product, not only does it get rid of the dead skin and scrub away any impurities but it leaves my skin feeling nourished and feel a lot more soft to the touch. I have found since using this scrub my breakout's have become less frequent.

Overall I really like this product and I think it works really well on blemish prone skin.


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