Monday, 22 August 2016


Hello everyone,

On Thursday the 18th August me and my parents travelled down to London for the day for an event which I had kindly been invited too, At this event there was a talk from Katie snooks who told us all about her blogging adventure and her top tips on what she thought was helpful to know


We then had a talk from Rollo Goldstaub who works at youtube and he told us his top tips for having and growing a  youtube channel, then we got to watch makeup artist Vanessa Guallar show us a look on her model using some of seventeens products.

Throughout the event you could try out some of seventeens new makeup products and you could also have your nails painted by some of the nail ladies there.

I had an amazing time meeting some new bloggers and being able to connect with them, all of which were lovely. I can't thank seventeen enough for this opportunity to attend.

I also attempted to Vlog the day which you can find on my youtube channel, It's not the best first attempt but you''ve got to start somewhere...


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