Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Barry M molten metals nail polish - Bronzed bae!!

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I haven't been feeling myself recently so I took a break till I felt better which luckily I do now. I thought to get back into the swing of things I would do a product review on one of my favourite nail polishes at the moment.

My first impression of the product is that the packaging looks very sophisticated and high end and the colour looks a lovely bronzed copper shade (which the name would suggest).
I liked that the applicator brush was medium sized as it meant that the brush would coat my nails well without having to go over them 100 times.

The actual nail polish was quite thick in consistency compared to some other nail polishes from Barry M but it applied really nicely and evenly. I did find that it's really pigmented so you only need two thin layers.

I applied the barry M 3 in one topcoat and nail hardener, this just improved the longevity of this on my nails. I also found it helped my nails to not chip or smudge.

This polish stayed in tact on my nails for 5 days without chipping which is very good for my nails, I really do like this nail polish and will be trying more of them from the range. It retails at the price of £3.99 from any local drugstore shop.

Q- Have you ever tried any of Barry M's nail polishes - if so which do you recommend?

Tasha xox
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