Sunday, 18 September 2016

Tips for dealing with anxiety!

Hi everyone,

For today I thought I would do a post on a topic which affects a large quantity of people worldwide, In the uk Anxiety affects nearly one in 5 adults and 21% are women aged over 16 and 19% men over 16 years old. 

Anxiety is a mental illness in which you feel fear, this can be mild or severe, the symptoms you feel can vary depending on the person, But the most common ones are starting to avoid every day things such as going out, feel hot and clammy, feeling sick and dizzy.

By writing this post I am in no way saying I'm an expert and what works for some people will work for everyone, I am just sharing the tips that work for me when coping with anxiety.

1. Talk to someone - Whether this is a friend a family member or someone at college or a teacher at school, Just tell them how you feel because I find it helps to tell someone about it so they can help you.

2. Distractions - Whenever I am going out somewhere I always carry headphones and a book with me, If you're in an anxious situation I would highly recommend this as it helps takes your mind off it.

3.Focus on your breathing - When anxious or having a panic attack controlling your breathing is very important, I like to just count to ten and breathe in and out slowly until i feel a little bit calmer.

4. Stay in the situation - I know you're probably thinking WHAT! Honestly it helps, if you leave and go home you're telling that it isn't a safe place and so when you next are there you will feel the same anxiousness.

5. Tell yourself that you will be okay - This has honestly made the biggest difference for me when it comes to coping with my anxiety, When feeling the physical affects of a panic/anxiety attack it is common for people to feel like they're dying or ill. The more you tell yourself you will be okay, the more your brain will believe it.

As I said at the beginning I am in no way an expert however I thought it might be useful to some of you reading this to know my tips on coping.

Remember you're not alone and don't suffer in silence, tell someone! What's the worst that could happen?

Q- If you suffer with anxiety ,what are your tips for coping?


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