Monday, 31 October 2016

Things I love about the autumn time!

Autumn is a season which a lot of people love, including myself.There is something special about the cold dark days and wrapping up cosy to keep warm. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite things about autumn.

Hot drinks:

Im not a big hot drinker however in the autumn time there is nothing I love more than grabbing myself a warm mug of hot chocolate or peppermint tea. With it being cold outside autumn is the perfect time to get a hot drink and get cosy for the night/day.


Anyone who know's me well will know I hate walking but in the autumn time there is just something special about getting wrapped up warm in a big scarf and warm coat and having a stroll. I use this as the perfect opportunity too take some cute instagram pictures of the autumn leaves on the floor and the gorgeous scenery.

Jumpers and knitwear:

This for me is my absolute favourite thing about autumn, I absolutely love baggy jumpers and knitted cardigans for the colder months. Being cosy and comfortable is essential to me, I'm all about that leggings, jumper and ankle boot trend.

Dark nights:

There's just something I love about coming home as it's starting to get dark and getting my pjs on and getting cuddled  up on the sofa with a blanket ready to watch some tv with my family. Although I absolutely hate autumn mornings living the house when it's still half dark, I do love the evenings.

Autumnal  events:

I love the seasonal events that happen in autumn, I love the build up to halloween and then bonfire night spent with the family enjoying time with each other. And then of course I love the build up to the start of christmas.

Autumn makeup:

I think autumn is my favourite time of the year to experiment with my makeup looks and be a bit braver, I absolutely love a bold dark lip and copper eyeshadow and burnt oranges in my crease.

I hope you enjoyed reading my favourite things about autumn and why I like this season so much.

Q- what's your favourite things about autumn?


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