Saturday, 15 October 2016

Where was i? - update

Hello everyone,

I know i've been distant from my blog and my youtube recently so I thought I would write a post today just explaining where i've been.

Recently I have been feeling so drained mentally, anxiety for me isn't something I talk about much on my platforms but it is an important topic to make awareness of, My anxiety levels have been higher recently and simple tasks just seem a struggle for me. Writing blog posts use to be my escape it use to be my distraction and passion but recently even that hasn't been able to help me. I didn't want to put out content on either platform that I wasn't 100% happy with so I thought it would be best to take a break until I felt better in myself.

Starting college has been a big struggle, whilst I have absolutely loved every minute of it, I have found mentally it's stressful and a struggle for me.

I'm starting to feel better in myself so there will be blog posts coming which i'm really happy with and I have been filming videos again ready to start posting, If you haven't already subscribed to my youtube, my channel name is : Tasha Louise

Im sorry for the delay in posts but I'm back better than ever.
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