Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christmas gift guide ideas for the special women in your life!

With Christmas around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post all about some lovely gift ideas from an online store called 'The lifestyle blogger store'. When I was emailed by this company asking if i'd like to do a post for them, I was very pleased as the items they sell are so luxurious looking and for an affordable price.

When browsing I noticed a lot of items the design on them looked very similar to the Cath Kidston which is a brand I have always found so inviting and luxurious. On the store itself it has items such as little stocking fillers for all ages or main gifts to give out to all the women in your life, whether that is your mum,sister or a friend/classmate. They stock items such as home wear, bags, stationary, Bags and lots more.

1. A photo frame - A gift you can't go far wrong with is a photo frame, it's such a thoughtful yet affordable gift which will always get good use out of it. When browsing the store I found the lovely 'sass and belle portrait photo frame' I thought the design of this was really elegant and looked very luxurious for the affordable price of £6.99, What caught my eye was the simplistic yet effective detailing round the perimeter of the frame, which just adds that little bit extra.

2. A makeup bag - Something I always find a success is a makeup bag, it's something that as a women you don't like buying because you think the one you've had for years will do. When browsing the store I found this  ' sass and belle owl design makeup bag'  I love the pastel colours with the owl print, I find they work really well together. I think the size of this makeup bag is perfect as you will be able to fit all your essentials in it. It's perfect for at home use or for going away and it's at an affordable price of £6.99.

3. A necklace - Jewellery is always a great last minute gift as the majority of women will wear a necklace at some point in their life. I found this lovely 'silver heart pendant in celtic design' at the price of £6.75 it's so affordable and perfect for either a main present or a stocking filler.

4.A scarf -  I always think you can't go far wrong with a scarf as it just adds that little bit of extra jazz to an outfit and can make you look that bit more put together. I found this one whilst browsing through the store 'Grey dandelion feather print scarf' for £9.99 I think its a perfect gift.

5. A candle- Candles are such a great homely gift to give to people as I think they are just a perfect thing to have in any room of the house, There's something so relaxing about being in a room with candles lit. I found these lovely candle holders 'set of 2 copper effect tea light holders' They come in at a price of £9.99 which I think is a great price and the copper effect is perfect for the autumn/ winter time.

I hope this christmas gift guide can help you in some way and you can find some inspiration from this.

Make sure to check out the lifestyle blogger store which I will leave a link too below.

Q- What's on your christmas gift guide for the ladies in your life?


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