Friday, 4 November 2016

November blog goals!

Goal setting is something I find very important as I find it really helps to motivate me to achieve things and then I feel very accomplished and proud of myself at the end of the month if I have reached my goals that I set for myself.

Being a blogger myself something I love doing is sharing the hard work of other peoples work that I have loved over the previous month:

1. Jodie Mellissa
2.Abbey Claydon

They are just 3 of many wonderful bloggers out there which I have absolutely been loving recently.


Post twice a week - When I first started my blog I aimed to post 3 times a week however for this month I want to try post 2 posts a week. For me I feel that is more realistic and manageable as I have college 3 days a week and film and edit videos for my channel.

Post about more sensitive topics - Mental health is something I have wanted to talk about on my blog for awhile  as it is something that affects me and I feel it would be beneficial for people out there who suffer with similar issues. I've always been shy to post about it as there is a lot of stigma behind it.

Have a blog re-design - I want to change my blog layout and make it more festive looking for the colder months, I always think a new design can motivate you to post more.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my November goals and make sure to check out the 3 lovely bloggers pages.

Q- What are your November goals?

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