Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Create an image final look- Beauty therapy!!

Welcome back!

For today's post I thought I would share with you my final piece for my create an image unit for my beauty therapy course, This is a unit where we can pick a theme and have to create a makeup and nail look based off the theme! This was the main thing I was excited about as I love being able to express myself through my love of makeup so of course this unit was right up my street!

I decided I wanted to base my look around bright colours ' A pop of colour' this was because I felt that I don't branch out and experiment with my colours when it comes to makeup as much as I'd like too, I usually stick to golds and brown tones on my eyes and a nude lip.

This was the photo where my inspiration was found and I really liked the use of the yellows with the greens and blues. This is the image I re created my look with!

This was the mood board I created with all my images on and also I used a face chart to map out the colours and figure out what look I wanted to go with!

Then finally I re- created the look on my own face to see how I liked it and just too practice it all!

The products I used to create the look are:
Primer - Of course I used my Nivea mens post shave balm, I just find this works the best for my skin.
Foundation-  I used the Rimmel match perfection, I didn't set this with powder as I wanted the eyeshadow which I used as contour to stick to a tacky layer.
Concealer- I used a new addition to my collection which was the NYX hd concealer and I've got to say i'm really impressed so far.
Blusher- Sleek 'Flushed' I really liked this just to bring a rosey glow to the cheeks.
Highlighter - Sleek solstice palette and I just mixed all 3 powders together.
Eyeshadow- Sleek ultra mattes vs brights, I used the yellow all over my lid to start with then blended the light green colour into the middle of my eyelid and then applied the dark green in my outer corner. For my crease I used a mixture of the light and dark blue, I then did the exact same to my lower lash line. (Sorry I don't know the names I lost the paper that came with it!)
Eyeliner- As always the Miss sporty studio liquid liner, and can we just take a minute to appreciate my eyeliner skills.. they have improved dramatically recently.
Mascara- Although I don't currently have any on I would use the Maybelline rocket volume one as I find this makes my eyelashes look like I am wearing falsies.
Eyebrows- I used the dark brown out of the sleek matte vs darks palette to fill in my eyebrows.
Falsies- Ardell demi whispies because the are my absolute favourites.

Im thinking about doing a video tutorial on this, let me know on any of my social media's if you would like to see that from me!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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