Tuesday, 7 February 2017

AM/PM Tag!

Welcome back my lovelies,

For today's post I thought I would do a tag post as I haven't done on in awhile and I really liked the questions for this tag!


 1.What's your morning beauty routine?

My morning beauty routine is quite simple and always starts of with a cleanse, For this I use the body shop's Vitamin C Cleanser, this is great for waking you up in the morning and leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I then like to tone my skin with the the toner from the same range, I find this is so hydrating and leaves my skin looking so radiant. The last product I use is the Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser which is a gel formula and is so great at hydrating your skin and leaving it looking radiant and glowy.

2.What's for breakfast?

On a day to day basis I have the Nestle gluten free cocoa rice, I find that it's just quick to make and yummy however some days I do mix in their corn flakes just to make it that tad healthier. With my cereal I have soya milk as I find it doesn't bloat me as much. I also have a glass of fresh apple juice with my breakfast.

3.Coffee or tea?

I don't particularly drink either, however I do really like to drink peppermint tea throughout the morning as this is really good for digestion and reducing bloating.

4. How long does it take you to get out the door?

On an every day basis from waking up to leaving the house it usually takes about an hour and a half depending on how long I spend dancing around to my Spotify playlist  (please tell me it's not only me)

5. What's your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?

My go- to makeup look is a simple winged liner and mascara for the eyes, I like to run a brown eyeshadow through my eyebrows because it's quick and easy to do to fill in the sparse areas. For my face I put on some foundation, concealer and powder. Instead of a full on chiseled cheek look I just use some bronzer on a big fluffy brush to warm up my complexion and finish off the look with my trusty mac lipstick in the shade 'velvet teddy'.


1. What's your evening beauty routine?

My evening beauty routine starts off by me removing my makeup using the Garnier micellar water to remove my makeup, I then use the body shops tea tree foaming cleanser to cleanse my skin and get deep into my pores, the tea tree in this product works really well at combatting spots and keeping my skin looking clear and fresh. I then tone with the body shops vitamin c toner water and finish off with the vitamin c glow boosting gel moisturiser. If I've had a long or stressful day I like to use a facemask whilst in the bath, my personal favourite is the lush don't look at me facemask.

2. Snack time! What's in the bowl?

Chocolate! It's always chocolate, I am a huge lover of most chocolate except for dark.. I can't stand it, My personal favourite is galaxy milk chocolate or  peanut m&ms.

3. How do you wind down and prep for bed?

Every night I like to have long hot bath with lots of bubbles, I take this time to scroll through twitter and instagram and catch up with all my favourite bloggers and you tubers. I then like to get in some warm pjs and sit and watch some tv with my family for an hour or so. About an hour/half an hour before bed I like to listen to relaxing spa music and do some colouring in my adult colouring book too relax before bed.

4. Cosy up! What are you wearing to sleep?

I love to wear big fluffy pjs from primark and some fluffy bed socks to bed as I am always cold.

5.What are some things you have to do before hitting the hay?

Before bed I always have to check through my social media and reply to any comments on blog posts or videos and have a chat with everyone on twitter, I also like to plan out anything I have to get done for the next day in my planner before I relax in bed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I really enjoyed writing it and answering the questions.

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