Friday, 17 February 2017

Easy french manicure using gel polish!!

Hi everyone,

For today's post I thought I would share with you how I do my french manicure using gel products! Gel is a new form of nail polish where you have to cure it with either a UV or LED lamp to set it in place! It can stay in place for at least 3-4 weeks if the right preparation and after care is used. Gel can be a hard nail system to get the hang off but hopefully with my tips and tricks you can learn a lot quicker.

What you will need:

A nail file- To file your nails into the desired shape.
A  nail sanding block- You use this to roughen the top of your nails to help the gel stick.
A flat gel brush- This is what you will use to apply the hard gel with.
A small detailer brush- This is what you will use to apply the white tip with, I find this the easiest brush to get precision with.
A dehydrator - This removes all the oil and grease off your nail to ensure the gel won't lift.
A bonder- You use a bonder to help the gel adhere to the nail plate.
A base coat -This helps to avoid staining of the nails and preps for the gel application.
A hard gel 'clear' - This goes on to strengthen and thicken the nails and gives an even layer for the colour to be applied too.
A hard gel 'pink' - This is what you apply to to give the pink sheen of a french manicure.
A hard gel 'intense white' - This is the colour for the tip of the nail.
A top coat - This helps to keep your colour in place.
A finishing wipe and lint free pads - This removes the tacky layer of the gel at the end.

As you can see when applying gels you need a lot more products however it ensures it stays in place for a larger length of time.

How to apply:

1. Make sure your hands are clean and free of any old nail polish, and then file your nails to the length and shape you want them too be. ( French manicure looks good on both short and long nails)

2. Use your sanding block to roughen the surface of your nails so they look dull,  this will just help your products stick to the nail.

3. Apply dehydrator to your nail from the nail bed right to the free edge. The one I'm using is from A.S.P from Salon services, this will just remove all the oil and grease off your nails to prevent the gel from lifting. Your nails should look dull once it has been applied.

4. Apply your bonder to your nail from the nail bed to the free edge, this doesn't have to be cured under the lamp so just leave to air dry for a few seconds. The one I use is from A.S.P from salon services.

5. Apply your gel base coat of choice from the nail bed to the free edge, making sure this doesn't get on to the skin around your nail ( If it does remove before curing under lamp with an orange stick) Cure this for 2 minutes under a UV lamp and 30 seconds under LED. The one Im using is from A.S.P from salon services.

6. I then use my flat gel brush to apply a thin layer of hard gel in 'clear' all over my nails to strengthen my nails. The brand I'm using is IBD which comes in little pots, I then cure this for 2 minutes under my lamp.

7. I then apply 2 layers of the hard gel in 'pink' to give a nice pink sheen to the nails, because it's quite a light pink it gives the nice subtle look of a french manicure. I use the IBD again and cure for 2 minutes under the lamp.

8. Once I have applied the 2 layers of pink I then take the hard gel in 'intense white' on a small detailer brush and follow the line of the natural white on your nails, By using this little brush it allows you to get a lot of precision. With gel until it's been cured you can wipe it away and start again so it's easy to correct mistakes. I use the IBD brand and cure for 2 minutes under the lamp.

9. I then apply my top coat of choice to prevent chipping and give a glossy shine. I then cure for 2 minutes, the brand I've used is A.S.P from salon services.

10. Lastly I apply some finishing wipe on a lint free pad to remove the sticky layer of the gel and you're good to go!


Do one hand at a time - With gel because you're using so many product's it can be hard to remember the order so I like to do one hand at a time.

Take your time - Gel's can be hard to master so just take your time and be as slow as you like as you're more likely to get a better finish.

Practice makes perfect- Just keep practicing, I use to practice on fake nails before my own as I found it easier to practice different angles of holding the brush.

I hope you found this post helpful, if you try this out make sure to send me a picture over twitter! I'd love to see!


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