Saturday, 11 February 2017

Eyeliner tips and tricks!

Eyeliner is a makeup product which a lot of people use and can be used it many different ways to enhance your eyes. Not only is there lots of different ways to apply it there is also lots of different types of eyeliners all used for different things. In this blog post I thought I would share with you my tips, how I apply my eyeliner and talk you through all the types and what they can be used for.

Types of eyeliners:

  • Pencil eyeliner- The main use for this is to line your water line, It's a simple way to add something to a makeup look! It can add darkness to a smoky eye and brighten up tired/red eyes. It can also make smaller eyes appear larger.
  • Gel eyeliner - Gel eyeliner is commonly used to create that cat eye affect, it's a waxy formula which you apply with a small brush for precision. It stays put for a longer time than most other eyeliners and it can be used for a smokey eye.
  • Cream eyeliner- This is used in the exact same way as a gel eyeliner.
  • Kajal eyeliner- This is not as commonly used nowadays but it is quite a hard formula which you mix with water to soften and create pigment. This is smudge proof and not creamy at all.
  • Kohl pencil eyeliner- This is used in the same way as a pencil eyeliner and it's very creamy when applied and its very easy to smudge so it's perfect for a smokey eye.
  • Liquid eyeliner- This has a brush applicator which you apply it with and it's perfect for creating a line on the eye and for doing that cat eye eyeliner. It can be quite tricky to master as it's not as precise.
  • Felt-tip eyeliner- This is very commonly used nowadays as it's so much easier to allow control when drawing lines on the eye. They often have different sized nibs to allow you to create different lines with pressure. It's so easy to use and master.
My favourite eyeliners to use:

I mainly use two types of eyeliner for creating my winged eyeliner also known as a cat eye.
Felt-tip eyeliner is what I started out learning with because I found it the easiest to learn with as it's just like drawing with a pen.
My  favourite one to use is the essence felt tip eyeliner as not only is it super affordable pricing at £2.30 from wilkinson but it glides on to the eye so easily and there is no dragging off the eye. It's super pigmented and it stays put all day long.

Liquid eyeliner is the other type of eyeliner i like to use, this one was a lot harder to get the hang off but it is my favourite one to create that bold wing with.
My favourite one i've found is the miss sporty studio liquid liner, it's super affordable pricing at £2.79 from superdrug. It's super pigmented and easy to work as the formula isn't too thick like others i've tried and the brush is the perfect size to get precision with.

My tips:

Tape is your best friend:

This provides a guidance for your wing; it should be applied to extend from the corner of your eye towards the end of the eyebrow. This allows you to trace along it and be as messy as you like, when you've done you can then take the tape away and you are left with a clean straight wing.

Use a pencil eyeliner first:

This is something I found super helpful when I first started out with eyeliner, however it can be a little more time consuming so it's not something i'd recommend when you're in a rush. Draw a guide with a brown/black pencil eyeliner and trace over with your preferred eyeliner after.

Clean up afterwards:

When applying eyeliner don't be afraid about making it neat and 100% even because otherwise you spend an hour re doing eyeliner over and over again... I had this issue this morning. It's so much easier to clean it up afterwards with either:
  • Concealer on a little brush to clean up and conceal mistakes made.
  • A makeup wipe, pull the skin taut when wiping for a super sharp edge.
  • Makeup remover on a cotton bud and remove in the same way as a makeup wipe.

Follow your natural eye shape:

This is something I wish someone told me, what suits one person might not suit another. Try to follow your natural eye shape as a guide to trace.

How I apply my eyeliner:

  • I do this step after my eyeshadow and before my mascara, I find this is the best time to do it as it means it's easier to follow the shape of your eyeshadow and what suits your eye.
  • I like to rest my elbow on a hard surface when applying it as it allows me to keep my hands steady and less shaky.
  • When I apply to my top lash line I like to follow along my eye as close to my lashes as possible as it stops there being any gaps.
  • For the wing I like to pull the skin taut to prevent any uneven lines and creasing.
  • I then angle my eyeliner brush from where my outer lashes finish and create a lie, I then drag the eyeliner back towards the line I previously created and fill in any gaps.
  • Once I am happy with how it has applied I go in clean up any mistakes with a makeup wipe and then I'm good to go!
I hope you found this blogpost helpful and if you have any suggestions of future blog posts you'd like to see from me, feel free to leave them in the comments!


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