Monday, 13 March 2017

Goodbye February!

Hi everyone,
Im sorry this post is slightly delayed and a lot further into the month than I had originally planned, however life got in the way and I thought it's better late then never.

February was a great month for me, it had a lot of highs in it where I achieved things I have been wanting too for months and Im so happy I finally have so I thought I would share it with you all.

1. I completed my first gel french manicure;

This was something I am so pleased about as I absolutely love doing french manicures but I had found it a lot harder to master using gel. Gel is a system of nail polish which is chip resistant and has a staying power of 2-4 weeks depending on what you do with your nails.You cure it under a UV/LED lamp which makes it so much quicker and easier to do.

2. I completed all of my manicure pre assessments at college;

Again this was something I'm so pleased with, I now only have my final assessment to do for manicure, I am now a lot more confident in carrying out a manicure treatment and for me it's one of my favourite treatments to do on a client. I am also very proud of myself because I got a merit in all 3 pre assessments and am now aiming for a distinction grade for my final.

3. I got a new phone;

This month I finally upgraded my phone from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6s in rose gold, I absolutely love my new phone and everything about it. My favourite thing has got to be the improved camera quality it means that if my camera isn't on me I can film good quality clips on my phone.

4. Valentines day;

This is what the month of February is most commonly known for, and this year was the first year where I wasn't single. I spent the day with charlie and I enjoyed every minute of it, he met me off the train with flowers which was just so cute and then we spent the day and night just chilling watching films.

5. I started weekly Vlogging;

This month I finally plucked up the courage to start weekly Vlogging and I am loving every single minute of it, I love documenting my life and being able to look back on these memories and remember certain days. I am still getting use to filming in public and remembering to film my day but I'm slowly getting there, and I can't wait to carry on filming my weeks for guys. If you haven't already and want to watch my weekly Vlogs you can find them here.

That is everything which I wanted to share with you about the month of February, I would love to know how your February went, feel free to comment below.

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