Sunday, 19 March 2017

March Goals!

Hi everyone!

As you know I love setting realistic goals each month which I would like to achieve, some of these I do achieve others I like to move to the next month if i'm close to target and then others I just scrap all together.

1. Hit 250 subscribers on youtube;

By the end of March I am hoping to hit 250 subscribers on my youtube channel which you can find here, I am currently on 227 subscribers and this means I'm 23 subscribers away from hitting my goal for this month. I post twice a week on my channel and I post a lot of beauty and makeup content this can be sit down chatty videos, hauls or also makeup tutorials so if you're interested in that sort of thing I'd love it if you could check my channel out.

2. To complete my pedicure pre assessments at college;

Pedicures are something I have been putting of doing for months as I hate the thought of touching someones feet, but I would really like to get this done this month as it then allows me to be able to carry out this treatment on my work experience.

3. To be more out there with my fashion sense;

I am very much a hoodies and jeans kinda girl but this month I want to branch out with my fashion as I see all these gorgeous dresses and skirts in shops which I'd love to be able to feel confident in. So I went down to primark and found some gorgeous bargains which I'm going to try and wear so expect a spring outfits post coming up in the near future.

4. To complete my work experience;

I have found a work experience placement in a spa which is absolutely perfect for me since I want to go on to complete my level 3 spa diploma and work on the cruise ships. I am due to start on Fridays and Saturdays this week which is super exciting and I'm really looking forward to it.

5. Read at least 2 books;

Reading is something I absolutely love to do to wind down and relax however I never do enough of it, I always get half way through a book and just forget about finishing it so this month I want to complete reading at least 2 books, if more then thats absolutely fab but got to be realistic with my goals.

That is all for this post so I hope you enjoyed reading the goals which I have set myself for the month, I'd love to know if any of you set goals and if so what have you set yourself for this month?

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