Sunday, 15 April 2018

The start of itstashalouise

Hello and welcome back, today marks something special. A new beginning... the start of becoming myself again.

Some of you may have known that I have had this blog for many years and writing has always been a true passion of mine, but I soon fell out of love with trying to fit in to a certain category within the blogging community... I am a huge makeup advocate and love anything beauty related but I soon realised there are other areas I loved and wanted to expand on just as much, if not more. 
Photography and fashion has very quickly become a huge passion of mine along with writing, I wanted a platform that I could express myself on and be who I wanted to be online.. This marks the start of ' itstashalouise '  both on my blog and brand new instagram account, where I will be sharing all the 'shots' that don't quite fit in with my makeup following on my other account ' tashalouisemuaa ' (shameless self promo doesn't hurt anyone).

Incase you didn't know I also have a youtube channel where I share videos following my journey through life.. Vlogging is something I have quickly began to enjoy doing and I love looking back on my life and the memories I have documented. 
A New blog post will be live every week on a Monday at 4pm, and I hope you stick around and enjoy reading as much as I love writing them!

Have you ever had a new beginning and a change of heart in the blogging community?